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The idea of using psychology to improve performance in sport has been well documented and can be traced back at least a hundred years (undocumented, this is much longer - thousands of years in some Asian countries!!). In the 1930s some Eastern European countries were using professional services to give their athletes ‘the edge’. At the 1956 Olympic Games the Russian Team used more than a dozen coaches to help specifically with the ‘thinking’ side of their performance.

It is now commonplace to see mental health trained coaches travelling with professional teams and there has also been an explosion in ‘online based’ systems, videos, podcasts and the like, all aimed at assisting to improve performance.

At TCR we have been working specifically with the mental aspects of sport for over six years. Within this time we have worked with sports such as cricket, golf, athletics, swimming, lawn bowls and triathlon. This includes Cricket Victoria in the junior development pathways and CQ Swimming, amongst many others. Within this time we have helped many people to achieve their goals, whether these involve becoming state and national representatives, overcoming a fear of swimming in the ocean, or getting back to their sport after an injury or accident. These are just a few examples of the range of achievements that our athletes have gained in the past and might be currently working towards.

There are many approaches that can be used when working with, what we call, ‘thinking distortions’. For example, this might involve cognitive processing (eg. via written diaries and specific goal setting for results and processes) or the use of hypnotherapy to improve aspects such as confidence, being more relaxed and focused during training and in competition, and peaking mentally for performance. Another common and popular method of improving performance involves us recording sessions and transferring these on to your portable devices, to allow you to use them at any time you feel you need to. We have made many recordings for people who will use them right before competitions, games and races to assist with their pre-competition preparation.

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What our people say...

Will began working with Glenn when we saw a need for him to be better mentally prepared for State and National competition.  As a competitive swimmer Will has always placed high expectations on himself and struggled with pre-race nerves to the detriment of his results particularly at high level meets where he has been a regular finalist. Through working with Glenn, Will is now developing the tools and strategies he needs to control his thoughts before a big race and remain focused on his own race plan.  Glenn willingly works as a team in Will's development as a swimmer, liaising with his coach regarding the 'psychological' side of his swimming.  Since working with Glenn, Will is much calmer, happier and more engaged with other swimmers at meets, and he is now achieving his goal of swimming to his potential at state and national level, resulting in several medal winning swims. Will has developed a strong rapport with Glenn, and sees him as in his words'like a big brother you can tell anything to'!



"Don't tell me how rocky the sea is, just bring the ship in."

-       Lou Holtz (College Football Hall of Famer)  


"Mental will is a muscle that needs exercise, just like muscles of the body."

- Lynn Jennings (Long Distance Runner)