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Everything we do at TCR starts with one key question - what do you want to achieve?? It might be to complete your first short triathlon or enticer distance - right through to completing an Ironman or even becoming an age group champion and Australian Representative. 

From this basis we look at your availability to train, your access to training facilities, your strengths and weaknesses (via testing and video feedback) and very importantly, how much training can be achieved with successful recovery – this all allows for a ‘quality over quantity’ style of program.

Up to this point there is no commitment from you to use TCR as a coaching service. We will develop a general outline of what we think is the best way for you to reach your goals. We will be HONEST; if your goals are not realistic, we will tell you!! If we think that you might benefit from another style of coaching or something different to what we can offer, we will tell you at this point!!

If we decide to work together as coach and athlete, we will start with testing in all three disciplines and setting out your initial program. At TCR we aim to give you between 2 – 6 weeks of your personalised program at any one time via a cloud-based program. We don’t write and send programs for 20 week blocks, as we have found from our coaching experience that athletes can progress and improve more quickly than expected.

To date, TCR has helped its athletes to complete over 300 races across Australia and around the world. In total, our athletes have travelled in excess of 31,000km in racing alone!! 


What our people say…

‘Since training with TCR the 3 main achievements have been 1. Swimming 3.8km in under 60 minutes in an Ironman, as well as feeling more confident swimming in the ocean. 2. Being able to run half marathon sub 4 min pace. 3. Training has been set out to suit my current life style (2 kids and working away from home and been able to have family time on weekends) bring a much better training/working/family balance.’               

Daniel F


‘The one observation that is a standout about TCR training is the emphasis on recovery. Recovery is the most underrated aspect of training and is pertinent for all athletes. Without recovery, there is very limited physical development due to under-performance or overtraining causes injuries. TCR's understanding of the essential training principles sets it apart from any of it's colleagues.’

Simon Poole (physiotherapist) 


'TCR has given me specific designed sessions and has changed my whole outlook about how I train. The results (times, HR) from the tests I do for swimming, riding and running have enabled Glenn to give me specific targeted training zones, which have suited me perfectly and allowed me to achieve my goal. For example, realizing that I lacked the capacity to run aerobically so we targeted all my runs at a specific slow pace, which prepared me perfectly for Ironman and my running is now better than ever. Also, Glenn is very approachable and flexible when it comes to designing training to suit my schedule and what works for me.'

Kellie L