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TCR views Strength & Conditioning and Personal Training as two separately defined areas:  

1.     Personal Training (PT): At TCR we define PT as a service that is suited for the individual who is looking to lose weight and get generally fit (see ‘Personal Training’ section).

2.     Strength and Conditioning (S&C): This is more about the ‘fine tuning’ of an already fit athlete. It also generally works around a periodized program with specific timing that accounts for when people need to train and rest coming into their specific competition phases. With TCR, S&C training can occur in a couple of different ways:  

a.    1-on-1 sessions: these work best when the trainer is in contact with any existing coaches, physiotherapists or other people involved in the athlete’s performance. The reason for this is that we want to make sure that we are training you specifically to compliment what your primary coaches have set up for you for training and racing. Strong collaboration is a key factor in making any S&C program work to its potential.

b.    Group S&C sessions: these are held two times per week at the Jumpstart Gym on Hill Street, Yeppoon. These classes are a great way to focus on correction of movement patterns, working on the deep core system, and other specific principles that help the already fit athlete become stronger, improve stability and get faster. Also, as with any group session, they can assist with motivation. 


What our people say...

The Change Room (TCR) spearheaded by Glenn has certainly been a life changing experience for me in relation to fitness and lifestyle. His very personalised and meticulous approach to coaching and development coupled with his overall passion for fitness and conditioning, has ensured that I enter every competition at my peak and nothing less. Glenn takes care of every detail as TCR is everything that it is meant to be.

Denham W


I have learnt about and felt the benefits of recovery and rest days. Having at least one per week has been really beneficial.

Matty H