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Like all of our programming we start with your goals and testing!! This can include Lactate testing if you require it. Following the initial assessment we carefully match your training program to suit your goals. We also conduct running technique sessions to identify what is needed in order to improve efficiency and speed. For those outside of CQ we ask you to film your running technique so that we can assess it and let you know which specific areas you need to be targeting). From there we test and retest as often as we need to, as this assists us to monitor your progression and improvement. Training programs can last for as long as you need, however for any significant change we recommend a period of no less than 12 weeks.


What our people say...

The one observation that is a standout about TCR training is the emphasis on recovery. Recovery is the most underrated aspect of training and is pertinent for all athletes. Without recovery, there is very limited physical development due to under-performance or overtraining causes injuries. TCR's understanding of the essential training principles sets it apart from any of it's colleagues.

Simon Poole (Physiotherapist) 

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