Training for Change

You would think that with only a few months before she moved to the UK that Meghan Royes would have had enough on her plate. But in-between juggling her work, uni studies and travel plans she also decided to do something a little different before leaving, train for and enter the Mooloolaba Triathlon.

TCR Triathlon Coach Rob Dendle had the pleasure of working with Meghan for her three months lead up to the triathlon. In this time she not only achieved massive gains in her fitness levels but also in self-confidence gained through challenging herself and also from physique changes the training delivered.

Having struggled previously to lose weight through other forms of exercise and dieting Meghan was obviously pleased with the results that triathlon training offers.

Rob caught up with Meghan recently to discover her thoughts about her journey through to the Triathlon and beyond. 

Meg, what made you take the leap into the world of triathlon? 
I had given work my extended notice that I was resigning and moving over to the UK. I didn’t want the 14 weeks to drag out so I decided I would train for a Triathlon while I was counting down. Looking back it was a bit crazy to think I could do it but here I am – A Mooloolaba Triathlon finisher. I also wanted to set a goal for myself that didn’t involve work or study. I was at the end of 5 years of working and studying fulltime and finally had some time on my hands to set myself a new challenge that took me well away from sitting at a desk. 

How did you find the training associated with the sport? 
The best part about the training was that because you are training for three different legs you get a lot of variety in your week. I also loved that I didn’t have to think about what training I was going to do on a certain day. It was all done for me in my program so all I had to do was stick to it. It only took up an hour of my day, which was very achievable. 

What was the most challenging aspect of the training? 
Going for that first run on day one of the program. It was after work and I was tired and feeling embarrassed. I didn’t want others to see me running and I was worried about what people would be thinking as they passed me. It was raining and the “old me” would have given in to the excuses and not gone. However, I wrapped my phone in a plastic bag and went anyway. It was hard and it hurt, even though I think I only ran/walked 2km. We all have to start somewhere and I’m so glad I did it. It was such a turning point for me. 

How was the service provided by TCR? 
The support from TCR while training for this event was no doubt the reason why I stuck to the training program for the 10 weeks. I have tried to “get fit” many times over the past few years and have never been able to keep to it. Having a chat with Rob a few times a week was a great way to keep me on track. They helped with the lot – from training programs to what to eat the night before the race and everything in between. 

What as the best “thing” about the whole experience? 
Definitely finishing the triathlon with my friends and family cheering me at the barricades next to the finish line. I also noticed that once I had told a few people at work that I was training for a Tri, I began to get to know many more people and it really opened up conversations. People were so interested in my training and I suppose it gave us something to talk about other than our jobs. It was an unexpected outcome but was so great. The triathlon community is really supportive and very social – which suits me just fine! 

Do you plan to continue the sport overseas? 
If you asked me this question the day after the Mooloolaba Tri I would have said a big NO! But now that I can feel my legs again there is a lot more chance of it! The London triathlon is in July and goes right past Buckingham Palace. It will probably be my best chance to get a glimpse of Price Harry so I think I might just have to! 

The best of luck to Meghan on her travels from all the team at TCR. Remember, if things get tough in your lead up to the London Triathlon you can always call on our Video and Online Training to keep your edge.

No matter your fitness level, body shape, age or athletic ability TCR can help guide you through to the finish line too.