Effective Self-Coaching for Swimming, Cycling, Running & Triathlon

Come along and get assistance on planning and setting out your own training program. This is your opportunity to talk to a registered qualified Triathlon Coach about how you can get the most out of yourself and your training. All ages, abilities, and experience levels are welcome.

During this session we will discuss:
• Training· How much should I do?
• When - Morning / night?
• Intensity - How hard should it be?
• Testing· How do I do it, is it really worth it and what should I be testing for?
• Basic bio mechanical screening and technique assessment
• Weaknesses - What are yours and why you shouldn't ignore them?

At the end of the session you will have:
• A Training Plan!
• A basic understanding and outline of a program - anywhere from 10 to 30 weeks
• A list of your strengths and weaknesses
• An overall week by week overview of what you should be doing
• Contacts for group sessions and other important information


Saturday 9th March, 2:00pm-4:00pm


Yeppoon Surf Life Saving Club. Training Room - Upstairs enter from the beachside staircase at the Southern End of the club.



Bookings are essential RSVP to admln@thechangeroom.net.au
For more information call Glenn on
0407 807147