Coaching The Athlete for Autonomy

Coaching The Athlete for Autonomy

Many times I have had athletes get a result that is well below their potential. I am left wondering and assessing how much of it is the programming (my part) and how much the athlete followed it, or what mix of both!! Often the athlete doesn’t know how underperformed they are, and as a coach this is the most difficult thing to have – an underperforming athlete (whether they know it or not).

Online Coaching Programme Helps Improve Triathlon Competition Personal Best Times

Due to the chaotic schedules of many serious competitors and the obstacles of distance/location, they are unable to attend a regular group training or to schedule a time with a personal trainer, even though they recognise the importance of having a professionally designed training plan.

This is particularly significant in the field of Triathlon Competition.  There are many corporate managers and entrepreneurs who enjoy the sport but find themselves needing to reschedule trainings with their coach due to the demanding nature of their business.

One of the primary personality qualities common to all triathletes is their individual persistence.  The intense nature of the sport dictates this is a prerequisite.  Of course, as many competitors are also leaders in their business field, this is not unexpected.

Another prominent trait is their organisational ability, coupled with their flexibility of scheduling where necessary.  It is this idiosyncrasy that makes an Online Coaching Programme particularly beneficial.  Whilst these athletes are intrinsically motivated, they also respect that some tasks are time-oriented and must be completed to a deadline, where as their fitness and training regime is somewhat flexible in scheduling, provided it is “done”. 

Many online coaching programmes offer a one-routine-fits-all which is designed to be automated and simply generate income for the “coach”, however the exceptional value comes with a dedicated live coach who monitors and tailors the activities to meet your individual needs, producing the training schedules ready for you to implement as it fits your timing and follows up with you personally to ensure that the action plan is appropriate.

Recognising that, in particular, competitors in regional Australia may not have access to professional trainers and coaches who ensure they remain at the forefront of the field, I focussed on developing a solution. It is being able to provide this added value that led me to The Change Room.  Keeping fees moderate to ensure access for all people, this personalised programme is now utilised by professional and amateur athletes of all ages internationally.